Questions for Come Follow Me – 2 Nephi 11-19

The following questions are designed for the lessons presented in the book Come, Follow Me, for February 26–March 3. You can access the Come, Follow Me book by clicking here.

Introductory Questions

What challenges did Nephi face in engraving metal plates, and how did these limitations influence his decision-making process?

Why did Nephi choose to include so many writings of the prophet Isaiah in his record despite the difficulty of engraving on metal plates?

How does Nephi’s stated purpose of proving the truth of the coming of Christ align with his decision to include Isaiah’s writings?

In what ways did Nephi foresee the future challenges and shortcomings of his people, and how did this influence his recording of Isaiah’s words?

What specific warnings did Isaiah’s writings provide against wickedness, pride, contention, and worldliness, as mentioned by Nephi?

How did Nephi find hope and inspiration in Isaiah’s prophecies for a brighter future amidst the moral decline of his people?

Can you elaborate on the significance of Isaiah’s prophecy regarding the birth of a child who would bring an end to strife and be known as “The Prince of Peace,” as referenced by Nephi?

How do Nephi’s insights into the problems faced by his people in his time parallel similar issues observed in our modern era, as suggested by his reference to Isaiah’s writings?

What parallels can be drawn between the future Nephi foresaw for his people and the potential outcomes for individuals or societies who heed or ignore Isaiah’s warnings?

How did Nephi intend for his inclusion of Isaiah’s writings to serve as a guide for his people in navigating challenges and finding hope amidst darkness and wickedness?

Questions for Ideas for Learning at Home and at Church

When reading Isaiah, how can you “liken his words unto” yourself (2 Nephi 11:2)? Think about a passage that resonates with you personally and consider its application to your life. For instance, in 2 Nephi 14:5–6 where it speaks of dwelling places, how can you relate this to your own home and family life?

Isaiah often uses symbols to convey teachings about Jesus Christ (2 Nephi 11:4). In 2 Nephi 19:2, the Savior is symbolically represented. What symbols can you identify that represent Christ in this verse? What do these symbols teach you about His character and mission?

Nephi advises us to seek to be “filled with the spirit of prophecy” (2 Nephi 25:4) when studying Isaiah. How can you invite the Spirit to guide your understanding as you delve into Isaiah’s writings? Have you had experiences where the Spirit has enlightened your understanding of scripture?

As you study Isaiah, what role do footnotes, chapter headings, and other study helps in the scriptures play in aiding your comprehension? How have these tools helped you in gaining insight into Isaiah’s prophecies?

The historical context of Isaiah’s teachings can provide valuable context for understanding. Have you consulted the Book of Mormon and Old Testament institute manuals for additional information on this context? How has understanding the historical background enhanced your understanding of Isaiah’s messages?

Are there specific passages in Isaiah that have puzzled you or seemed particularly difficult to understand? How might you approach these passages differently using the principles shared by Nephi, such as likening the words to yourself or seeking the Spirit’s guidance?

How do you think Isaiah’s messages are relevant to us in the modern day? Are there themes in his writings that seem particularly pertinent to the challenges and issues of today’s world?

Nephi emphasises multiple possible meanings and applications of Isaiah’s teachings. Can you think of a passage where this multi-layered meaning is evident? How does considering various interpretations enrich your understanding of Isaiah’s words?

Isaiah often speaks of the future and prophecies yet to be fulfilled. What prophecies from Isaiah have already been fulfilled, and how does this fulfilment strengthen your faith in the divine inspiration of his words?

In what ways can you actively apply the teachings and prophecies of Isaiah in your life today? How can his messages inspire greater faith, hope, and charity in your daily living?

The content of Come Follow Me can be accessed here.